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Research Thesis MPT 2010-2012

S.No.Roll No.Name of StudentTopicGuideCo-Guide
110/FAS/MPT/001ANUPAM KUMAREffect of gleno humeral posterior glide in end range and posterior glide with movement with mobilization on external rotation range of motion in idiopathic adhesive capsulitisDr. Shalini Grover
210/FAS/MPT/002KARISHMA KHANDUJAEffect Of Training With Stability Trainer Vs Wobble Board Training On Proprioception, Balance And Function In Patients With Knee OsteoarthritisDr Shobhit Saxena
310/FAS/MPT/003SATISH ARORAComparative Analysis Of Foot Posture In Knee Osteoarthritis Patients With Respect To Body Mass IndexDr. Shalini Grover
410/FAS/MPT/005RICHA GOSWAMICross Cultural Adaptation And Psychometric Analysis Of Knee Injury And Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) In Indian Population With Knee OsteoarthritisDr Shobhit Saxena
510/FAS/MPT/006JIGNYA PARIDAEffect Of Global Postural Re-Education In Female Dentists With Upper Quarter Muscle Imbalance.Dr. Shalini Grover
610/FAS/MPT/007SANIA DODAThe association between central obesity measures with osteoarthritis knee in female subjects a cross sectional studyDr Unaise Hameed
710/FAS/MPT/009DEVENDER RATHEEEffect Of Coracohumeral Ligament Stretching On Active External Range     Of Motion In Adhesive CapsulitisDr. Shalini Grover
810/FAS/MPT/012GARIMA THAKURThe Efficacy of Cervical Mobilization with Movement on Grip strength, Pain and Function in patients with Lateral EpicondylalgiaDr. Shalini Grover
910/FAS/MPT/014TANVI AGARWALEffect Of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Programe On Muscle Endurance, Strength, Pain, And Functional Performance In Women With  Postpartum Lumbopelvic Pain.Dr. Shalini Grover
1010/FAS/MPT/018IPSHAEffect Of Different Neurodynamic Techniques On Hamstring Flexibility and Lumbar Flexion In Asymptomatic Adults.Dr. Shalini Grover
1110/FAS/MPT/004PRIYANKA BHATIACorrelation Of Executive Functions And Physical Performance In ElderlyDr. Deepti ParasharDr. Deepti Sharma
1210/FAS/MPT/008PREETIKA KALRARandom and blocked practice in learning of a motor skill- A comparative gender analysisDr. Deepti SharmaDr. Deepti Parashar
1310/FAS/MPT/011GARIMAEffect Of Core Stability Exercises Using Swiss Ball On Balance Performance And Quality Of Life In ElderlyDr. Deepti ParasharDr. Deepti Sharma
1410/FAS/MPT/013JYOTI ARYAEffect Of Stability Trainer On Improving Balance In Idiopathic Parkinson’s DiseasesDr. Deepti SharmaDr. Monika Chaudhary
1510/FAS/MPT/016RAKESHEffect of playing position on performance variable of state junior hockey player: a comparative analysisDr. Pooja AnandDr. Shishir Nigam
1610/FAS/MPT/017MAMTAComparison Between Effects Of Preload 4 Repetition Maximum And Active Dynamic Stretching Warm-Up On 100-M Sprint Time On Paramilitary Athletes.Dr. Shishir NigamDr. Pooja Anand


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