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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Measures of ISR Success

Prominent Outcomes of Interdisciplinary Research

  • Research Publications

MRIIRS has published a remarkable total of 2184 (1919 papers in Scopus and 265 papers in WoS) papers in quality journals indexed in prestigious databases – Scopus and WoS. The majority of these publications highlight the institution’s commitment to interdisciplinary research within the realm of Science. These publications are emphasized on interdisciplinary research, spanning a wide spectrum of scientific fields.

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration

MRIIRS has established key collaborations and MoUs with prominent organizations from industries and academia, facilitating partnerships for research, skill development, and knowledge exchange. With approximately 56 collaborations spanning diverse sectors, these alliances offer students invaluable opportunities for internships, practical learning experiences, and exposure to real-world scenarios. Notable collaborations include esteemed institutions such as Auckland Institute of Technology in New Zealand, Universiti Sultan Ageng Tirtaya (UNTIRTA), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport, St. George University in the West Indies, The University of Waikato in New Zealand, The University of Winnipeg in Canada, as well as prominent industry partners like Mitsubishi Electric India, Microsoft, Coding Ninjas, Electric One, Energy Research Institute-TERI, Oracle, Honda, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Asian Hospital, Sarvodhya, Infispark, Sony, Zell Edictaion, UPGrad (Talentedge), The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), Electronic Industries Association of India, CAIRNS-Vedanta Oil & Gas Pvt Ltd Gurugram, EMTRC, and many more.

Students and faculty members also collaborate for interdisciplinary research through Manav Rachna Incubation and Innovation Centre to execute their innovative ideas. The centre takes pride in its 107 alumni student startups and the presence of 85 startups on campus till the year 2022-23.

  List of Start-ups incubated on campus since AY 2021-22

Incubation Centre Team Members Name of the Start-up Nature of the Start-ups Date of the Start-up
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Muskan Eat Me Food and Sciences 07-06-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Vanshika Mittal, Anshita Singla Soil Health Monitor Electrical

And Electronics

NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Pranab Pradhan, Mohit Sharma Gymmi IT 15-07-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Sudhanshu Jha, Joy Stallion Electronic 15-07-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Ayush, Divyanshi DNA Adda IT 15-07-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Sonakshi Mittal, Kechane Apon Poshan Twigs Food And Sciences 15-07-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Aman MyGarage Saas 29-09-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Muskan, Priyanka, Kavita Bacteriocin Biotechnology 29-09-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Vikas, Sarthak Innominate (Logicyard Pvt Ltd) IT 21-10-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Sumit yadav, Gautam Kumar EVX Electronic 21-10-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Gautam Yadav Gen Stark Object Identifier Electronic 11-02-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Priya Kapur, Dogga Shyam Sai Prasad Ultra Fast EV Charger Electronic 16-03-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Pawan, Ashutosh Trufit Kitchen Electronic 14-04-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Adiya Chitrabhoomi Podcast and Comic 12-05-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Rahul Saini FMDV Biotechnology 08-06-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Babita Second life inning Saas 19-07-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Shivam Ratiram Limbs Life Electronic 19-07-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Rakshit Finntrust Finance 12-08-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Shreyansh Ratan 2ND Life innings SAAS 19-07-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Udit Tiwari and Shubham Singh Shuttle Express Transportation 07-08-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Anshu Pradhan and Hardik Saini Soil health monitor IoT (Product based) 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Neeru Rani and Arushi Bhatia Ora Can SAAS and Hardware 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Prince Kumar ClothX SAAS 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Sasanka Kalita, Kunal Dagar, Nista Madan, Deepak, Priti Bhowmik Medplant SAAS Biotech 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Pragya Vats and Anjali Tyagi Detect Pathogen Biotech (Product based) 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Rahul Saini and Ashish Dhariwal FMDV Biotech (Product based) 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC T Sai Vakul Flexo Magnetic file Retrival System IoT (Product based) 28-12-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Rohit sharma, Rudra, Aryan Modular batteries IoT (Product based) 29-12-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Kakudin and Anshi srivastava Pratihara Biotech (Product based) 04-01-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Gulshan Chhabra and Priya Singh Kuanos Biotech (Product based) 06-01-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Drishti, Payal kaushik, Varun Gupta Polymer for water purification Chemistry (Product based) 25-01-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Taah Siddiqui Spillmate AI SAAS 22-02-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Anuvrat and Rohith NETRA IoT (Product based) 16-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Charan, Adity, Shruti and Sai Verma Edukit Edutech 16-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Kartik and Tarun Pal Mittvani IoT (Product based) 16-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Himanshu and Roshan Pill box IoT (Product based) 16-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Tanvi Sidhwani and Swati Verma Alighntrack SAAS 16-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Ramya Shanta VisiodentX SAAS Medical 17-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Sumit Chaudhary Safety Harness System IoT (Product based) 22-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Palak and Parul Millet-based probiotic drink Food based product 22-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Kahitiz Kumar and Harshit Walecha Ark Surveillance System SAAS and IoT Product based 24-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Aayush, Diya, Jatin and Shivam Geodance SAAS 31-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Paridhi Saini and Amit Dagar Petlytica Biotech (Product based) 17-05-2023

Additionally, through the Innovation Centre, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents in numerous international and national-level hackathons and project competitions, earning accolades for the university.

  • Grants and Funding

MRIIRS has secured funding from both government and non-government bodies such as the Department of Science and Technology (DST), the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and the Centre Board of Ground Water (CBGW). This financial support enables the institution to conduct, attend and host Faculty Development Programmes, workshops, seminars, as well as pursue various research projects aimed at advancing knowledge and fostering innovation in interdisciplinary areas.

  • Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks

MRIIRS boasts a robust Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell that plays a pivotal role in supporting students and faculty members engaged in interdisciplinary research endeavors. The dedicated cell facilitates the publication of research findings and assists in the patenting process or copyrights/Trademarks. MRIIRS has made significant strides in this domain, with 118 patents published and 61 patents granted during the last three years. The prominent patents published since 2021-22 are as listed below:

Name Patent Number Title of the patent Year
Neeraj Kumari 2021103951 A System and Method for Strategic Consulting Group (SCG) Matrix 2021-22
Deepti Dabbas Hazarika 2021105493 An Innovative Method for Increasing Value Of Environment Friendly Products 2021-22
Mohit Chaudhary 2021102957 A system and method for predicting the stock market news sentiments using machine learning 2021-22
Neeraj Kumari 2021103950 A Skill Matrix System and Method For Job Recruitment 2021-22
 Meghna Chhabra 2021102344 Method for Developing a Strategic Customer value driven plan to create high growth business opportunities 2021-22
Rashima Mahajan 20224101297 Employing of SOC Tracker for Rescuing and Supervising a Child in case of Emergencies 2021-22
Rashima Mahajan 202241012072 Resolve of Locust Epidemics in Farming Exploitation using Machine Learning Approach 2021-22
 Poonam Tanwar 2021101996 Nutrient deficiency stress detection and prediction in corn fields from aerial images using machine learning. 2021-22
Sachin Sharma,Deepti Thakral And Anupriya Jain 202211026741 A method to construct a decision tree using a Quick 4.5 algorithm 2021-22
Dr A M Mahaboob Basha,Shaik Abdul Rafi,Veeramangala ,Dr Babhuti Kashyap, Nidhi Tandon,. V. Vasantha Kumar,S. Nethra,Mr.M Vikram Kumar, Raja Kamal 202241028618 Mediating Effect of Consumer Awareness and Perceived value of Consumers in between factors of Green Marketing Mix and Buying Behavior of Consumers using Structural Equation Modelling Algorithm 2021-22
  Lokanayaki Karnan,  S. B. Mahalakshmi, Shaurya Deep,  Sheshang Degadwala, Franklin Ore Areche,  Richa Vijay 202241019567 Machine Learning Based Irrigation System Through Implementation the Plant Leaves Images to Enhance Agriculture Production 2021-22
  Namita Mishra, Pankaj Sharma, Rama Sharma,  Khushboo Sharma,Mr. Ajay Bhardwaj, Deepika,  A Sajeevan Rao, Ms. Nikita Tomar,  Pallavi Mehta, Vala Kishorsinh Gumansinh,Prof. Ramesh Chandra Panda 202211011369 A Novel Model ‘Employees wellness for Employees turn over & Business turn over.’ 2021-22
 Rajeev Kumar Chauhan, Pankaj Negi, Ashish Grover, Richa Adlakha,Vikas Sharma,. Om Prakash Yadav,Asha Pn,Atul Kumar Kuswaha,. Varun Jain, Sunita Joshi,Neerja Negi 202211008059 Intelligent electricity utilization management system 2021-22
Y K Awasthi, Gaurav Saxena, Priyanka Jain 202111011544 A Device for Electromagnetic Absorption and Navigation 2021-22
 Madhulika Bhadauria, Gaurav Dubey,Ms. Amrinder Kaur,  Sanjeev Thakur,Kavita Sheoran,Amita Yadav, Shalu, Monika Arora, Amandeep Kaur,Nishtha Jatana 202211003534 Iot Based Speaker Reorganization System 2021-22
 S ARUN, Sanjeet Pandey,Vineet Kumar Singh , Ramesh Mishra, Dr Lakhvinder Kaur,Balaji Vijayan,Ms.Boomija,
E U INIYAN,William Andrews,K. SHILPA,Thayalaraj Christopher Jeyakumar, Rupal.Sengar Awadhesh Kumar Maurya
202241001899 A novel method iot based saline bottle for health care system 2021-22
 Jitendra Kumar,.  R.Jayanthi,. Dr H Shaheen V.Satish Kumar, Sonu Kumar,. Vengatesan Krishnasamy, Dr Nazim Sha S, Jignesh Chhatbar,Sunita Joshi,Mridula Batra,Neerja Negi 202211002430 Machine Learning Analytics for specialized stock Trading 2021-22
S Arun,.  Dr (Cs) Vinit Sikka,
Dr Anjali Singh, Suparba Tapna, Manoj Kumar Karnena, Shekhar, Gyanendra Kumar Singh
202241000074 A  Algorithm Based on Deep Learning for the Detection of COVID-19 Infections 2021-22
 Poonam Tanwar,  Rashmi Rameshwari, Shweta Sharma 202111061914 Hand sanitization apparatus 2021-22
 Umesh Dutta, Nitasha Soni,  Anjali Gupta 202111061512 Digital parking ticket 2021-22
 Manoj Nayak,  Suresh Kumar, Vimlesh Singh 202111061515 Smart table 2021-22
 G L Khanna,  Moattar Raza Rizvi, Dr Adhikarla Syama 202111061516 System and method for early cardiovascular risk prediction and risk classification 2021-22
 Pradeep Kumar,  Devendra Vashist,  Leena G 202111061514 Border surveillance system 2021-22
 Anita Khosla,  Richa,  Sadiqa Abbas 202111061517 Wind energy generator 2021-22
 G L Khanna,  Puneet Batra,  Amit Seth,  Shilpa Arora,  Kanchan Bhardwaj 202111061513 Health monitoring system 2021-22
 Sabiha Imraan,  Sarita Sachdeva,  Jyoti Chawla 202111061510 Method for development of analytical technique for quantitative analysis of antibiotic residues 2021-22
 Sarita Sachdeva,  Sunita Bansal 202111061511 System and method of gauging effect of quality of water on concrete structures 2021-22
 Sonal Bhugra, Yaman Hooda, Col.Sanjeev Gupta 202111061912 Unified public transportation system 2021-22
 Sonal Bhugra, Arko Bagchi,  Jyoti Verma,  Arvind Dalal 202111061913 Central traffic control system and method 2021-22
Dr Devender Vashisht, Dr Pankaj Shakkarwal, Dr Sunny Bhatia 202111061911 Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles powered on- wheel medical oxygen generator for covid-19 patient 2021-22
Dr Nitesh Malhotra, Mr Shishir Nigam 202111061916 Apparatus for an anterior cruciate ligament (acl) reconstruction procedure 2021-22
 Abhiruchi Passi,  Ashish Grover 202111061915 Solar time synchronization system 2021-22
 Pradeep Kumar,  Geeta Nijhawan,  Supriya P Panda 202111061917 Artificial intelligence based automatic diagnostic system 2021-22
Mr. Vinay, Mr. Sunny Bhatia, Mr. Nitin Waghmare 202111053278 Mechanized retail store comprising 3d printed autonomous home delivery drone 2021-22
 Madhumita Kathuria 202111055367 A Machine Learning based system for Agricultural Products to predict quality and method thereof 2021-22
 Sarika Chaudhary 202111048985 Smart Monitor:Health Monitoring system using deep learning 2021-22
Neha Batra 202111046254 A System for Monitoring Social Distance and generating alerts using IOT 2021-22
Dhruv Rohatgi, Aayushi Aggarwal, Siddharth Srivastava, Palak Gupta, Suresh Kumar 201911040293 Automoted IOT based rapid medicine delivery system 2021-22
Prateek, Sorabh, Shailesh 201911023212 Feeder cum stirrer mechanism for stir casting of composite 2021-22
Gurpreet Singh Matharou, Ritesh Kumar Nagar 201911023214 External Handbrake with Mechanical park assist 2021-22
Y K Awasthi, Yogita Khanna, Anshuman Gupta 201911031072 Microwave sensing device for dielectric characterization of materials 2021-22
Y.K Awasthi, Gaurav Saxena 201911031519 Compact planar superwideband equal power divider / combiner for rf & microwave applications 2021-22
Shaveta Bhatia, Shiv Shankar Rai 201911033647 Handheld self examine brest cancer 2021-22
Sabiha Imran 201911023213 Isolation and Characterization of Broad Spectrum Bacteriocin Isolated from Bacteria Habituating Polluted Water 2021-22
 Meeta Singh,  Poonam Nandal,  Deepa Bura, Ms. Srishty 2021103320 A system and method for predicting secure and safe route for women using navigation map 2021-22
 Meghna Chhabra 20210179159 Lsm luggage trolleys: intelligent shopping mall luggage trolleys 2021-22
Rashima Mahajan 202311014552 Study on the effect of Modern Educational Technology on Quality Education 2022-23
Meeta Singh, Poonam Chahal, Deepa Bura,Srishty Jindal, Sudeep Kumar 345369-001 Heating & Vibrating Vest for Back Pain Patients 2022-23
Saroj Kumar Sarangi, Jayavani Vankara, Madhukar Deshmukh, Muddada Murali Krishna, Debananda Kanhar, Rajanikanta Mohanty, Prashant Dixit, Shruti Suman, Juhi Chaudhary, Tripti Sharma 2021104362 System & Method for Intelligent Virtual Stock Trading and Management Using Machine
Learning Approach
 Neha Gupta,  Rashmi Agrawal,  Kavita Arora,  Parul Gandhi,  Anupriya Jain,  Sonal Pathak,  Sachin Sharma 202022106373 A novel iot based digital vermicompost micronutrient quality prediction device 2022-23
Gupta, Nidhi, , Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, In Jha, Ashish Kumar, Lalitpur, Np Khatri K C, Avinash, Kathmandu, Np Kumar, Krishan,  , Faridabad, Haryana, In Narwal, Renu, Gurugram, Haryana, In Narwal, Seema, , Rohtak, Haryana, In Shah, Krishna Bikram, Bhaktapur, Np Singh, Priyanka, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, In Soni, Nitasha, Faridabad, Haryana, In Soni, Rashmi, , Mumbai, Maharashtra, In Suresh, Subhashini, Eachanari, Tamil Nadu, In 202022103390 An Automated Drug Delivery System Based on the Internet of Things. 2022-23
Bhoyar, Sanjay Ramkrishna, , Pusad, Maharashtra, In Borgade, Kailash Raghunath, , Yavatmal, Maharashtra, In Das, Rusham, Kolkata, West Bengal, In Katkar, Rushikesh Bajirao, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, In Kumar, Krishan, , Faridabad, Haryana, In Manza, Ramesh, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, In Apte, Monica, , Pune, Maharashtra, In Narwal, Seema, , Rohtak, Haryana, In Parihar, Shefali, Ajmer, Rajasthan, In Shaikh, Abdul Hannan Abdul Mannan, Al Baha, Sa Sharma, Vidya Anant, , Amravati, Maharashtra, In Soni, Nitasha, , Faridabad, Maharashtra, In 202022103576 A Heart Sound Analysis System to Detect Heart Disease. 2022-23
 Namita Mishra,  Anita Sharma,  Richa Nangia,  Richa Arora,  Rama Sharma,  Pankaj Sharma,  Sonia Gupta, Nikita Tomar, Ajay Bhardwaj,  Ritwik Sahai Bisariya,  Nitin Saxena,  Kirti Jainani,  Madhavendra Nath Jha,  Leena Jenefa, Prof. Ramesh Chandra Panda 2021/10022 A method for implementation of donation-based crowd funding to support right to education 2022-23
 Abhiruchi Passi,  Pratima Manhas,  Sachin Lakra,  Manpreet Kaur 202211069265 Electronic voting system and method thereof 2022-23
 Manoj Nayak,  Niharika  Thakur,  Yogita Khanna 202211069266 Automatic wheelchair for paralyzed patients and method of controlling the same 2022-23
 Parul Gandhi,  Vimlesh Singh, Vijay Gill, Lokesh Bhardwaj 202211069261 Ticket booking system using radio frequency identification (rfid) and method thereof 2022-23
 Charu Virmani,  Meenakshi Gupta, Bhanu Choudhry 202211069263 Ultrasonic walking stick 2022-23
 Tapas Kumar,   Kanchan Bhardwaj, Agha Imran Hussain, Manoj Kumar 202211069262 Cancer prediction system using data mining techniques and method thereof 2022-23
Mr. Dain Thomas, Mr. Vimlesh Singh,  Joginder Singh,   Ajit Katyar 202211072396 System and method for performing multi-agricultural activities 2022-23
Mr. Dinesh Chawla,  Ashish Grover,   Ajit Katyar,  Jai Prakash Singh 202211072397 Solar power generation system and method thereof 2022-23
 Abhiruchi Passi,  Manoj Nayak,  Jyoti Pruthi,  Manpreet Kaur 202211072393 Sound enabled polling machine for visually challenged voters and method thereof 2022-23
 Shobha Tyagi,  Vimlesh Singh,  Hanu Bhardwaj, Dr . Susmita Ray 202211072398 Biometric attendance system and method thereof 2022-23
 Manoj Nayak,  Ashish Grover,  Jai Prakash Singh,  Joginder Singh 202211072395 Solar energy powered grass cutting machine and method of operating the same 2022-23
 Pankaj Shakkarwal,  Neha Chaudhary,  Yogita Gupta,  Lokesh Bhardwaj 202211075720 Internet of things based refrigerator door monitoring system and method thereof 2022-23
 Meeta Singh,  Gurpreet Singh,  Shruti Vashist,  Yogita Khanna 202211069264 Automatic wiping system and method thereof 2022-23
 Tapas Kumar,   Poonam Tanwar,  Hanu Bhardwaj,  Prinima Gupta 202211068867 System and method for product identification for visually impaired users 2022-23
 K R Saradha, Sriparna De, Hrituparna Paul, Kanaka Durga Devi Nelluri,  P. Savaridassan, Ch.Venkata Kishore, Satya Narayan Das,  Suhail Javed Quraishi, Mr.Vinu S,K.Dhayalini 202241064381 Artificial Intelligence and iot based Automatic smart health care system to monitor and avoid Blood pressure and Lung cancer to avoid it early stages for healthy life for all ages using WSN, image processing and deep learning algorithms 2022-23
 Vishal Srivastava, Priyanka Sethi, Prof. Sonam Dubey, Prof. Rabiya Hanfi,Prof. Roshan Jahan,  Preetam Suman 202211064391 A System for Medical Imaging And Diagnostics Using Machine Learning And A Method Thereof 2022-23
Mr. Sushant Sharma,  Vinod Kumar,  Jyoti Chawla,  Vijay Kumar,  Rajeev Kumar,  Shruti Vashist, Rajender Kumar 202211065102 “System for facial expression assessment using machine learning” 2022-23
Eswararao Boddepalli, Zahir Aalam,B.Mahammad Rafee, Shyamalendu Paul, Gurpreet Singh Matharou, Sasthi Kumar C, Polamarasetty P Kumar, Mrs.G.Muthumari,  Sharad Timaji Tajane, Dr Yogesh Arun 202241058429 Artificial Intelligence and iot based Smart Education to monitoring system for student’s attendance and Teacher’s feedback for all education institution using Machine learning. 2022-23
 Dilip Kumar Sharma, S Barathi,  G Saravana Kumar, G.Deepalakshmi, B.Sakthimala,.  Kuldeep Singh Panwar, Rajesh B. Survase, Anupama Chadha,  P Joel Josephson,  Ashok B. Divekar, Venkata Harshavardhan Reddy Dornadula, S Durga 202221065127 The Impact of Environmental Issues on Business Management 2022-23
Richa Vijay Yadav, Aastha Budhiraja, Priyanka Sharma 202211058875 Behavioral detection of suspicious host activities in an enterprise using deep learning. 2022-23
Atul Kumar Kushwaha, Pratima Manhas, Jyoti Verma,  Shaveta Thakral,Sudhir Kumar Singh, Neerja Negi, Pankaj Negi, Ravi Chaurasia 202211057636 System and Method for Remote Health Monitoring Through Internet of Things (iot) 2022-23
Ms. Sulekha Saxena,  Seema Garg, Kiranjot Kaur, Richa Adlakha, Ashish Grover, Rajesh Grover, Dr Pratima Singh,Pooja Mishra, Arvind Kumar, Pankaj Negi 202211054883 Real Time Identification and Ranking Heath Risk Factors Using Trained Predictive Models 2022-23
 Surendra Kumar Yadav, Lakhvinder Kaur,Sudesh Bhaskar Ghoderao,Mayuresh K.Raut 202211051812 Green Nanotachnology: Advancement in Phytoformulation Research 2022-23
Deo Datta Aarya,  Rahul Boadh, Raj Kumar Bhagat,  Yogendra Kumar Rajoria, Deepak Kumar,  P. C. Jena,  Anand Chauhan,  Anu Rathee 202211051481 Artificial intelligence integrated human paradigm through organizational agility and sustainable performance, 2022-23
Dr Anjali Singh 202231052399 Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Marketing Management for Customer Engagement 2022-23
Sachin Sharma,Deepti Thakral And Anupriya Jain,Venktash Bharti 202211048077 Safety belt for the security of women 2022-23
Atul Kumar Kushwaha, Alok Tyagi,  Vijay Kumar, Sudhir Kumar Singh,  Leena G, Gyanesh Singh, Manish Sabraj, Vikas Sharma Ravi Chaurasia, Pankaj Negi 202211049006 Predictive Fault Detection in Grid Connected PV system using Training Based Model 2022-23
 Neeraj Kumar Singh,Abhishek Jain,Shruti Arya,  Subash Ranjan Kabat, Pinki Sagar, Pronika Chawla, Shiv Charan Puri,  Subrahmanyam Voore 202211045650 An IOT Based Charging Module for Rechargeable Batteries of Electric Vehicles and Method Thereof 2022-23
Prof. Nitin Shukla,Sandeep Sahu,  Priyanka Sethi,  Preeti Saini, Ankur Mishra, Sathyanarayana Kaliprasad 202221046858 An advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare 5.0 2022-23
Sandeep Khanna, Nancy Arya,Nilam Choudhary, Sandip Debnath,Shweta Mayor Sabharwal,Rachna Behl, Indu Kashyap 202211043160 System And Method for Nutrition Reporting Using Artificial Intelligence 2022-23
Dr Priyanka Sethi, Bharti Sharma, Dr Preeti Saini,  Gireesh Kant 202211040190 A self phased robotic arm to support the process of executing the physiotherapy postures and monitoring the patient continuously 2022-23
  Vadhri Suryanarayana,Dr Priyanka Sethi, Dr Preeti Saini,  Ganesh K, Khushboo Sharma, Prof.Niranjan Barnwal, A Nageswara Rao,  Bhasker Pant 202241040814 Smart robotic application integrated with internet of things techniques to automate the process of physiotherapy exercises 2022-23
, Anil Zende, Sweta Mishra, Samrat Srivastava, Mr.Yaman Hooda,  Vikas Tripathi, Mrs.Ch Mallika Chowdary, Dr Dippi Verma 202221034683 Practices for measuring Business Sucess in Construction Engineering 2022-23
 Rosy Madaan, Shivani Batra, Shelly Sachdeva,Puneet Goswami,  Komal Kumar Bhatia,Hruvdeep Sharma,Pranshu Kumar,Kunal Chauhan,Abhishek Chaturvedi ,Lavish Kumar 202011019359 Electronic vehicle identification system 2022-23
Gurpreet Singh Matharou 400583-001 Ai based solar sorting device 2023-24
Gurpreet Singh Matharou 397841-001 Apparatus for making polymer composites 2023-24
Ashish Grover, Richa Adlakha 202311071715 IOT-Based Smart Grid Management System Employing machine Learning For Efficient Energy System 2023-24
Ashish Grover, Richa Adlakha, Neha Chaudhary 393376-001 IOT Based Device for Breast Cancer Detection 2023-24
Jyoti Verma 202411006416A A Novel Method for Real – Time Autonomous Vehicle Traffic Management 2023-24
Vimlesh Singh 397766001 Machine learning based soil sampling Stick 2023-24
Geeta Nijhawan 365324-001 Virtual reality headset 2023-24
Abhiruchi Passi 396129-001 Biosensor Based Device to Detect Lungs Cancer 2023-24
Yaman Hooda 202341044495 Machine Learning based Closed – Loop Mixture of Concrete Equipment and the Method 2023-24
Yaman Hooda .202411003435 A Optimizing solar plate efficiency through advanced materials and design 2023-24
Lilesh Gautam 396095-001 Scratch-generating shuttering plate for plastering 2023-24
Lilesh Gautam 397638-001 Traffic control hologram projector 2023-24
Nidhi Didwania 453155 (201711021416) Biopesticide Formulation and a process for the preparation thereof 2023-24
Prachie Sharma 494423 Vehicle mounted air filter 2023-24
Somya Asthana 398635-001 Seat Belt with Heart Rate Recognition for Ignition of Vehicles 2023-24
Ginni Sehgal 6318392 Traffic Light Controlling Camera Device with Sound and Load Sensors 2023-24
Ginni Sehgal 395366-001 Artificial intelligence based delivery robotic device 2023-24
Ginni Sehgal 6343273 Computer Vision based Electronic Wearable Glasses Device for Blind People 2023-24
Pronika 202411006416 A novel method for real time autonomous vehicle traffic management 2023-24
Neha Batra 6306508 Machine learning based stress detection device 2023-24
Poonam Tanwar 508647 Archtecture and Design of a Novel Tool for Effective Knowledge Representation 2023-24
Nitasha Soni, Prateek Jain , Krishan Kumar 6316563 E vehicle charging system using solar 2023-24
Nitasha Soni , Meghna, Krishan Kumar 6315135 Skin cancer detection device 2023-24
Sameeksha Khare, Rashi Sahay 202341085578 System for Inventory Control and Management Based on iot and AI 2023-24
Rashi Sahay 202311075893 A Distributed Energy Resource Management System with tot 2023-24
Mamta Dahiya 202321042432 Development of iot Based Cyber Security Risk management Framework for Banking and Financial Institution’ 2023-24
Mamta Dahiya 6309693 Wearable health monitoring jacket 2023-24
Manoj Kumar Nayak 202311065051 Devlopment of Machine Learning Approach for Gestrure Recognition in IOT Enabled Human Computer Interactions 2023-24
Ashwini Kumar 202311063736 Development of machine learning approach for anomaly detection in iot 2023-24
Ashwini Kumar 6315158 Device for tracking confidence of the employee at workplace 2023-24
Ashwini Kumar 202311073050 Development of an Advanced Real-Time Single Axis Solar Tracking Device for Improving Efficiency 2023-24
Ashwini Kumar 202411006883 Integration of Phase Change Materials in Solar Collectors for Thermal Energy Storage 2023-24
Ashwini Kumar 202411003435 Optimizing Solar Plate Efficiency through Advanced Materials and Design 2023-24
Ashwini Kumar 202411001522 Enhancing Cooling Efficiency with Liquid Cooling Pipeline Fabrication in Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy Cases 2023-24
Dinesh Chawla 392125-001 Trolley bag with charger 2023-24
Jimmy Mehta 202431001277 Iot-Enhanced Dedicated Drone-Based Testing of Building’s Strength Located in a Hazardous Environment 2023-24
Nitesh Malhotra 393762-001 Wearable EEG Monitoring headband 2023-24
Sanjeev Gupta 202311062395 A Goniopost: goniometer cum postural mete 2023-24
Preeti Saini 385665-001 Chair for physiotherapy procedure 2023-24
Divya Aggarwal 401793-001 Stress and obesity monitoring device 2023-24
Jasmine Kaur Chawla 396562-001 Medical parameter analysing device 2023-24
Lakhvinder Kaur 202000000000 Green Nanotachnology: Advancement in Phytoformulation Research 2023-24
Lakhvinder Kaur 396514-001 AI based plant extract analysing device to identify dsease 2023-24
Rupali Atul Mahajan, Sailesh Iyer, Kavita Arora G12315DE Iot Based Automatic Biological Vermi Compost Maker 2023-24
Shreyanth Srikanth, Renangi Sandeep, Jayachandran Shanmuga Sundaram, Rajesh Perinkulam Krishnan, Niveditha Srikanth, Manpreet Singh, Ashok Kumar Katta 6291782 Robotic arm to operate endoscope motion 2023-24
Neha Gupta, Rashmi Agrawal, Kavita Arora, Sonal Pathak, Suhail Javed Quraishi, Raj Kumar 399505-001 Digital door lock set 2023-24
Neha Gupta, Parul Gandhi, Mridula Batra, Kavita Arora, Sonal Pathak, Rashmi Agrawal 6340494 AI based Device for Monitoring Student Anxiety 2023-24
Priyanka Sharma, Sonia Setia, Mridula Batra, Anupriya Jain, Sachin Sharma, Seema Sharma, Shaveta Bhatia, Venkatesh 399929-001 Voice controlled universal remote 2023-24
Sunita Joshi, Yogendra Kumar Awasthi, Neerja Negi, Ashutosh, Tushar Pandey, Pawan 359957-001 AI Based movable kitchen slab 2023-24
Anupama Chadha 2024 1100 2767 Solarnanocoat: Ultra-Thin Photovoltaic Coating for Enhanced Solar Panel Effiiciency 2023-24
Taruna Chopra 367037-001 Computer controlled robot for delivery of goods 2023-24
Kirti Khanna 389638-001 Solar powered agricultural e-vehicle 2023-24
Mani Tyagi L-137445/2023 Aidae model of modern marketing 2023-24
Neha Wadhawan And Amit Kumar 362655-001 Four in one fluid container 2023-24
Amit Kumar And Vinit Sikka 202341080088 A Analysis of how ecommerce ai is transforming into business 2023-24
Rashmi Singel And Kulbir Kaur 399938-001 Wearable language traslator 2023-24
Mani Tyagi L-142087/2024 Focill model of personal branding 2023-24
 Swati Punjani 2022/04837 A method for employees satisfaction that reduces turnover intention of Employees and Leadership 2023-24
Meena Jain 151546 Illuminated stomatoscope 2023-24
Alpa Gupta 202411004431 Herbal Scaffold & Method for preparing the same using ULMUSWALLICHIANA 2023-24
Alpa Gupta  202411004432 A Plant-Based Scaffold and Method for Preparing the same using COELOGYNECRISTATA 2023-24
Toopalle Sai Vakul  202341005228 A Flexo magnetic file retriever 2023-24
Nidhi Didwania,Deepti Sharma 2021711021416 Biopesticide Oil Formulation and a process for the preparation thereof 2023-24
Richa Vijay,Priyanka Sharma ,Rashmi Aggarwal,Aastha Budhiraja 367658-001 Smart Soil samplings stick using Machine Learning. 2023-24
Gurpreet Singh Matharou 202311080089 Analysis Irrigation System for real time automation of Agricultural Environment System in India 2023-24
  • Education Programme

MRIIRS offers programmes with flexible curriculum based on the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), enabling students to earn credits and gain knowledge through a variety of interdisciplinary courses. Moreover, students have the freedom to explore their interests and talents through open electives, which include courses in areas like Dance, Art, Craft, Sports, and more, allowing them to earn credits and certifications in their chosen fields. Furthermore, there are several courses available for students interested in interdisciplinary research, such as Research and Innovation Catalyst (RIC), Design Thinking and Innovation (DTI) in which inter-department student groups are formed to work on the interdisciplinary projects, Research Methodology, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), providing them with opportunities to delve into cross-disciplinary studies and foster innovative thinking. Internships pursued by students offer valuable hands-on experience and practical implementation of technology, enriching their learning journey and preparing them for real-world challenges.

  • Recognition and Awards

Students and faculty members of MRIIRS have been recognized and honored for their remarkable achievements in research, innovation, and academia across interdisciplinary domains. Some of the prominent awards are  VISIONEO, an assistive technology device for the visually impaired by Manav Rachna students, wins at Microsoft Imagine  Cup 2023.Team CAELI Won 2nd Prize in the World Finale of 17th Microsoft Imagine Cup for their innovation of Smart Anti-Pollution & Drug Delivery Mask,ANSH, E-Ventilator – A Prototype for low-cost Portable Emergency Ventilator designed by our brilliantly brained students. Pariyayantra – A Revolutionary Air Pollution Mitigation Project for which our Innovator Amit Kumar got listed in the ‘UN Young Champions of the Earth’ program. Naturoplast – A Unique ‘Nanowrap’ prepared from Green Banana became an award winning feat at AICTE-ECI-ISTE National Chhatra Vishwakarma Awards. The prominent awards received since the academic year 2021-22 are as listed below:

Title of the innovation Name of the Awardee Name of the Awarding Agency with contact details Year of Award Category institution/Teacher/research scholar/Student
Participation in Smart India Hackathon, 2023 Aaditya Taluja MIC, AICTE 2023-24 Student
Participation in India Mobile Congress, 2023 Kartik Shekhar Aspire, Asia’s Largest Tech Start Up Program 2023-24 Student
Participation in India Mobile Congress, 2023 Anuvart Kumar Aspire, Asia’s Largest Tech Start Up Program 2023-24 Student
Sustainathon 2023 Kapila Kumar,Yachna, Smriti, Anjali Global Peace Foundation 2023-24 Students and Teacher
Women’s Conclave Award-2023, Season-5 Charu Rajpal The Crazy Tales 2023-24 Teacher
IE(I) Best Paper Award Poonam Nandal The Institution of Engineers India 2023-24 Teacher
IE(I) Best Paper Award Meeta Singh The Institution of Engineers India 2023-24 Teacher
Best Research Award Mamta Dahyia World Intellectual Conclave 2023-24 Teacher
Best Research Award Poonam Tanwar Wisdom Educare academy 2023-24 Teacher
Agri Eureka 2022 Dr Lakhvinder Kaur MANAGE,Hyderabad 2023-24 Teacher
Best Oral Presentation Dr. Madhvi Awasthi Maharaja Sayajirao University of Varoda, Gujrat 2023-24 Teacher
Best Women Faculty Award for Scientific International Publishing house Kavita Arora SIPH registered with Ministry of SME, Govt. of India 2023-24 Teacher
International Academic Excellence Award 2023 durig during Global Edu-Conclave 2023 Kavita Arora International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR), India; 2023-24 Teacher
I2OR International Edu-Leader Award 2024 Suhail Javed Quraishi International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR), India 2023-24 Teacher
Global Young Researcher Award at the Mc Stem Global Awards 2024. Prof. Amit Kumar Mc Stem Eduversity, USA 2023-24 Teacher
Professional Excellence Dr. Vinit Sikka ICSI, Faridabad 2023-24 Teacher
Sage Best Case Award Shruti Mishra Sage Publication 2023-24 Teacher
Young Scholar Award Khusboo SAI LNCPE 2023-24 Teacher
Excellence in Reviewing Sumit Bhateja Chemical Science International Journal 2023-24 Teacher
Excellence in Peer-Reviewing Sumit Bhateja Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology 2023-24 Teacher
Editorial Board Member Sumit Bhateja Dentistry & Dental Practices Journal 2023-24 Teacher
Excellence in Peer-Reviewing Sumit Bhateja BP International 2023-24 Teacher
Best Project Award Richa Adlakha AICTE Idea Lab AKGEC 2022-23 Teacher
Best Paper Award Ashish Grover, Richa, Anita Kholsa Institute of Engineers 2022-23 Teacher
Faculty Start-Up Idea Award -2nd Position Vimlesh Singh &  Y.K Awasthi National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board NSTEDB, DST 2022-23 Teacher
3rd position in Hack the Box Competition in Wissenaire Siddhant Saxena IIT Bhubaneswar 2022-23 Student
First Position (Gold Medal) at Chosen One (CTF) Siddhant Saxena Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University 2022-23 Student
2nd Prize (Silver Medal) Siddhant Saxena Manipal Institute of Technology 2022-23 Student
3rd Prize in Basic Sciences Category Yachna Soni, Anushtha Gulati And  Kapila Kumar Association of Indian Universities 2022-23 Student and Teacher
2nd Prize in International Competition Yachna Soni, Smriti Prajapati, Anjali Singh And  Kapila Kumar Global Peace Foundation 2022-23 Student and Teacher
1st Prize in International Competition Priyanka Nayakmuskan And Kavita Rai And Dr Sabiha Imran Global Peace Foundation 2022-23 Student and Teacher
1st Position in Best Poster Award” on “Air Pollution due to Construction Industry” in International Conference Series on ‘VAYU- The Vital Life Force’ ‘Sumangalam Panchmahabhoot’ Gulshan Chhabra Anusandhan University Campus, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 2022-23 Student
Young Researcher Award Jimmy Mehta Institute of Scholars,INSC 2022-23 Teacher
Agri Eureka 2022 Devanshi, Neha And Lakhvinder Kaur National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, MANAGE, Hyderabad 2022-23 Student and Teacher
Anveshan – 2022 Devanshi, Neha And Lakhvinder Kaur Association of Indian University, 2022-23 Student and Teacher
Best Paper Presentation Ankita Association of Indian University 2022-23 Teacher
Best Paper Sohela Malik And  Nidhi Tandon Department of Post-Graduate Management Studies, MRIIRS 2022-23 Student, Teacher
Best Presenter Award at ICAN6- Identity Culture Agenda Driven Newscast Mihika Sengupta Delhi Metropolitan Education  in collaboration with Deakin University Melbourne 2022-23 Student
Best Presenter Award at ICAN6- Identity Culture Agenda Driven Newscast Ankita Bharti Delhi Metropolitan Education in collaboration with Deakin University Melbourne 2022-23 Student
Certificate of Particpation Mitali Mohanty Delhi Metropolitan Education  in collaboration with Deakin University Melbourne 2022-23 Student
Best Indian Researcher Award Neha Gupta World Innovation Patent Conclave 2022-23 Teacher
IRSD Prominent Educator Award 2023 Suhail Javed Quraishi I2OR, Centre Smart Modern Construction -Western Sidney Australia,Jamia Hamdard University 2022-23 Teacher
Best Research Paper  Vinit Sikka And Mr. Amit Kumar DAV Centenary College Faridabad 2022-23 Teacher
1st Position In E-Poster Presentation Pranay Kumar Singh Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
2nd Position In E-Poster Jalaj Garg Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
2nd Position In E-Poster Riya Sahni Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
1st Position In E-Poster Divij Arora Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
3rd Position E-Poster Srishti Grover Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
3rd Position E-Poster Shristhi Dahiya Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
2nd Position E-Poster Eknoor Bhatti Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
3rd Position E-Poster Tashika Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
1st Position E-Poster Nishita Narula Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
Awarded for attending the Maximum Number of Conferences Nishita Narula Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
2nd Position E-Poster Vanshika Aggarwal Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
2nd Position E-Poster Bhuvan Arora Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
Receiving Extramural Grant Neeru Rani Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
1st Position E-Poster Riya Tripathi Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
Maximum No of Awards Received in Conferences (UG) Jigyasa Gupta Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
Maximum Paper Presentation in Conferences Jigyasa Gupta Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
Best Outgoing Research and Innovative Catalyst Student Jigyasa Gupta Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
Receiving Extramural Grant Aastha Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
2nd Position E-Poster Tashya Saxena Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
1st Position E-Poster Saksham Dawar Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
1st Position E-Poster Satakshi Department of Public Health Dentistry and Research Innovation Catalyst 2022-23 Student
Best Young Researcher  Sumit Bhateja Innovative Education And Scientific Research Foundation 2022-23 Teacher
Invitation Letter to join as Editorial Board Member of IDJSR Journal Sumit Bhateja International Dental Journal of Student’s Research 2022-23 Teacher
Invitation Letter to Join as Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology (JOOOO) Sumit Bhateja Journal of Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology 2022-23 Teacher
Chairperson of Scientific Session  Meena Jain Indian Society of Dental Research 2022-23 Teacher
Invitation Letter to Join as Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Dental Panacea  Meena Jain Innovative Education Research Foundation 2022-23 Teacher
Guest Speaker  Meena Jain Indian Society Of Dental Research 2022-23 Teacher
Excellence In Reviewing Sumit Bhateja Asian Journal Of Dental Science 2022-23 Teacher
Excellence In Reviewing Sumit Bhateja Asian Journal Of Dental Science 2022-23 Teacher
Excellence In Peer- Reviewing Sumit Bhateja BP International Books 2022-23 Teacher
Invitation for Role as A Review Editor with Frontiers in Oral Health Sumit Bhateja Frontiers In Oral Health 2022-23 Teacher
Women Researcher Award in the International Eminent Awards on Engineering, Science, and Medicine.  Nitasha Soni NSO is glad to announce that your Research Profile has been confirmed for the “Women Researcher Award” in the International Eminent Awards on Engineering, Science, and Medicine. 2021-22 Teacher
Academic Excellence Award by Maharishi University of Information Technology and Prithvi Abhudaya Association Rashmi Agrawal Maharishi University of Information Technology and Prithvi Abhudaya Association 2021-22 Teacher
Best Paper award in CIEMA 2022- International Conference Priyanka Sharma CIEMA 2022 2021-22 Teacher
BEST PAPER PRESENTATION award: Electricity Generation by Two-wheeler suspension systems and related environmental effects Rishabh Dhawan International Conference on Metamorphosis of Engineering Sciences towards sustainable smart cities, organized by Deptt of Applied Sciences and Civil Engineering, MRIIRS 2021-22 Student
Excellent Contributor Award in Alibaba low code development contest 2022 Rashmi Agrawal Alibaba low code development contest 2022 2021-22 Teacher
IEI Young Engineer Award Rajender Kumar IEI Faridabad Chapter 2021-22 Teacher
Project Title: Mygararge Aman, Shruti Khanduja E-Conclave’22 UDYAMEE-National Level B-plan Competition organized by E-Cell & Startup Launchpad- Technology Business Incubator (TBI), GLA University, Mathura. 2021-22 Student
Research, Innovation and Incubation showcase certificate by IIIT Delhi for Start-up project in April 2022. Rashmi Agrawal IIIT Delhi 2021-22 Teacher
Global Femina Excellence Award 2022 in Celebrating International Women’s Day by Dr Kalam International Foundation Rashmi Agrawal Dr Kalam International Foundation 2021-22 Teacher
Best Researcher & Educationist in celebrating International Women’s day By Vocal for Local Organization Priyanka Sharma Vocal for Local- Delhi 2021-22 Teacher
Best Innovative Project : Mobility Drone Chirag Gupta, Tushar Ahlawat, Vansh Pradhan Innoskill 2022, MRIIRS 2021-22 Student
Vajra Kaksh Ritick Sethi
Sakshi Sharma
Kuldeep Pandey
MRIIRS 2021-22 Student
RF Energy Harvesting Joy Singh
Sudhanshu Jha
BIET, Jhansi 2021-22 Student
NETRA:Technovation Hackathon & Innovation Budge Kartik Shekhar
Srinidhi Iyer
Simran Kaushik
Sharda University 2021-22 Student
NOLARIA:Microsoft Imagine Cup Shivam Gupta
Kumari Akanksha
Microsoft Imagine Cup 2021-22 Student
CIEMA Research Award Anita Khosla CIEMA 2021-22 Teacher
Contribution as Faculty Coordinator in organizing MANTHAN, a National Level Hackathon Richa Adlakha AICTE 2021-22 Teacher
Best Clinical Academician Sunita Kumari Asian Institute of medical sciences 2021-22 Teacher
Preeminent Innovative Educators Award 2022 Pooja Sharma MGSIPA,Chandigarh 2021-22 Teacher
Distinguished Contribution Award-Clinical Priyanka Sethi Artemis Hospital, Gurugram 2021-22 Teacher
Significant Contribution Award-” Academic” Preeti Saini Artemis Hospital, Gurugram 2021-22 Teacher
App Based Intelligent Packaging Film -Anveshan Neha Chauhan Association of Indian Universities 2021-22 Teacher
Eminent Speaker Award Lakhvinder Kaur Satyabhama institute of OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2021-22 Teacher
Best Business Plan “Improvised Supply Chain Management for Fast Moving
Consumer Goods (FMCG)”
Research, Innovation and Incubation showcase certificate by IIIT Delhi for Start-up project in April 2022- RISE 2022 Priyanka Sharma IIIT Delhi 2021-22 Teacher
Best Teacher Award Dr Anjali Singh BRAVE SOULS AWARD 2021-22 Teacher
ICH Good Clinical Practice E6  Nipun Dhalla The global health network 2021-22 Teacher
Certificate of Merit for diligently conducting multiple events on the theme” be proud of your mouth for your happiness and well being “  Pooja Palwankar Indian society of Periodontology 2021-22 Teacher
Theme- Be proud of your mouth for your happiness and well being Periodontology Dept, FDS Indian Society of Periodontology 2021-22 Institution
The Restless Confidence of a Genius Mind  Yash Salkar Indian Orthodontic society 2021-22 Student
Best Author & Young Researcher Award : Corona Virus Managing Strategies  Sumit Bhateja Innovative Publication Pvt Ltd 2021-22 Teacher
  • Outreach

MRIIRS, in partnership with its ISR arm Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation (, its social responsibility initiative, has organized numerous outreach programs in various fields like education, sustainable development, environment protection, women empowerment and gender equality, health and wellbeing, geriatric health care, empowering weaker sections of society and reviving our rich cultural heritage. MRIIRS has adopted 5 Villages under Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan. Additionally, the university conducts annual free health camps offering dental check-ups, physiotherapy, nutrition and dietetics, and mental health services for underprivileged individuals. In the realm of education, initiatives like the Teacher On Call Program provide free assistance to students in government schools through a toll-free helpline, while the Kaushal Karyashala offers IT skill training to enhance employment opportunities for youth. Moreover, activities aimed at promoting women empowerment include workshops, seminars, conferences, and recognition of female entrepreneurs and meritorious students, with the International Women’s Day celebrated annually at the university. Furthermore, donation drives such Ek Muthi Daan (free grains distribution), clothes and sanitary pads distribution for government schools girls distribution are carried out for underprivileged people. Numerous initiatives focusing on sustainable environmental practices, including water conservation, plantation drives, and recycling programs for both paper and plastic waste, underscore MRIIRS’s significant contributions towards creating a healthier planet for all to inhabit.

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