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Research Centres

Research Centres/ Centre of Excellences

Manav Rachna boasts advanced research infrastructure comprising cutting-edge facilities, laboratories, equipments, and research centres, empowering students to engage in extensive research across diverse interdisciplinary fields. These resources create an ideal setting for students to pursue their research passions and delve into the latest technological advancements.

Within the university, these research centres are financially supported and research income allocated so that they serve as hubs for interdisciplinary collaboration, providing funding for research, infrastructure, personnel, and other resources needed to facilitate collaborative research across science disciplines.

A.  Electric One launches India’s first-ever Electric Vehicle Center of Excellence ‘Skill Next’ at Manav Rachna

Having carved a distinct niche for itself in a short span of time, EV vehicles Retailing Pioneer and India’s Largest EV Super Store Chain Electric One Mobility Pvt. Ltd. has set a new benchmark in taking the EV revolution to the next level. It has launched India’s First-ever Electric Vehicle Center of Excellence (COE) “Skill Next” at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad.

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B. Centre of Excellence for Solar PV Skills

The Centre of Excellence for Solar PV Skills was inaugurated at Manav Rachna campus by Dr. Ashwini K Aggarwal, Director- Government Affairs, Applied Materials India. The centre is a Joint Initiative of Electronics Skill Sector Council of India (ESSCI), Manav Rachna and Applied Materials. The objective of the centre is to impart high-quality training for Solar Roof Top design wherein participants will be exposed to the solar design software for planning and assembling the entire structure from scratch. The training programmes are being organized by involving active participation and guidance of Solar Experts from ESSCI and Applied Materials. 3KW Solar System has been assigned for carrying out experimental work during the training program.

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          C. Centre for Dental Excellence

Manav Rachna Centre for Dental Excellence (MRCDE) in the august presence of Dr. Ashish Kakar, Director MRCDE and a renowned Implantologist and Dental Surgeon. MRCDE has been established to provide common people with easy access to world-class dental care. MRCDE works on cloud-based software to book an appointment online, and also feeds the details of the patients, sends timely reminders for check-up, and birthday wishes to patients. This software also helps keep a track of patient’s history.

MRCDE has consultants from various specializations making itself a one-stop-solution for all dental treatments: Esthetic & smile designing, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, and Implant Dentistry. It provides premier cosmetic and family dental treatment with flexible appointments. It is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to provide world-class dental care to our patient.

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D. Centre of Excellence for Culinary Art

Centre of Excellence for Culinary Art was launched at the School of Culinary and Hotel Management (SCHM), Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS). The centre has been established in collaboration with Creative Cuisine Inc. Learning, founded by Mr. Virender Handa and co-founded by Chef Kapil Middha. The Centre of Excellence is fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and a comprehensive collection of cooking essentials to prepare students for the industry. To start with, the centre is offering B.Sc. in Culinary Arts.

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E. Manav Rachna Centre for Advanced Water Technology & Management (CAWTM)

Centre for Advanced Water Technology & Research has been setup at MR Campus which comprises scientists, technocrats, professionals, academicians, members of RWAs, etc as Manav Rachna consortium. The centre is focusing on all the problems associated with water and its issues and would bring about awareness and solutions in this area.

Manav Rachna Centre for Advance Water Technology & Management was established in 2017 to pursue teaching, research, consultancy and impart training programs in hydrogeology, water resources engineering and management, water quality and collateral environment and ecology issues.

The Centre aims to address real challenges faced by the stakeholders and also provides a platform for science and technology-based solutions through non-invasive investigation, water quality analysis, recycling of wastewater, surface and groundwater flow and resource analysis, satellite databased interpretation, local and regional scale hydrostat graphic analysis, mathematical modeling of water resources and GIS-based applications.

Dr. NC Wadhwa, DG, MREI is providing the overall leadership to MRCAWTM. Dr. Dipankar Saha was appointed as the present Chair Professor of MRCAWTM on 14th April 2021 after the demise of the first and founder Chair Professor Dr D K Chadha.  Dr. Arunangshu Mukherjee is working as the Director, of MRCAWTM. The Centre is a team of multidisciplinary professionals providing real-time solutions to challenges in the water domain. MRCAWTM is having five field research units in the state of Haryana-India, one each at Barmer, Ballabhgarh, Khol-Rewari, Palwal, and Panchkula where two to ten field specialists are working. MRCAWTM has been able to achieve significant milestones in the form of projects obtained, executed, and completed.  MRCAWTM is accredited by CGWA, GOI on 1st Oct 2021 for next 5yrs.  So far 8 projects have been successfully completed between June 2018 and June 2021 of worth ~Rs2.0 Cr. Further, 11 more projects of Rs 11.31 Cr are in progress as on 31st July 2022. MRCAWTM is working for its vision of clean water for all forever. The major area of work includes 1. R&D Studies, 2. Technical Interventions, 3. Training and Capacity Building, 4. Outreach programs, 5. Product and Innovation.

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 F.      Manav Rachna Business Incubator

Manav Rachna Business Incubator is an initiative towards nurturing the innovative instinct of the students, alumni and faculty of MREI. With an objective to cater to the needs of students and faculty members who are inclined towards research, innovation, novel ideas and to encourage research and entrepreneurship, MRBI is equipped with all types of design, fabrication, manufacturing facilities to facilitate the growth and success of startup and early stage companies. We at MRBI, also provide a good path to capital from angel investors, state governments, economic-development coalitions and other investors. At MRBI, business not only gets access to a potential buffet of capital choices, but also a host of intangible benefits including mentorship, expertise and networking.

MRBI offers integrated, customized Innovation-Based Incubation support services. It scouts for ideation for development of business concepts and works for inculcating skills and competencies through capacity building/ training programs for evolving enterprises. Regulatory, financial and administrative help form part of the services, and networking opportunities with potential investors, practitioners and collaborators are endless.

MRBI has developed an incubation policy to catalyze and promote development of knowledge based and innovation driven enterprises and is establishing its physical working space in more than 5000 square feet area to cater to the requirements of its budding entrepreneurs. Working spaces with latest amenities including internet, Wi-Fi, conference rooms, multimedia projector, pantry, and recreation area are a part of MRBI infrastructure. The incubatees are provided with latest prototyping equipment and software for developing their business ideas.

MRBI also encourages, facilitates, promotes and safeguards scientific investigations and research. It has laid down an IPR Policy for promotion and support to innovators and for translating their creative works into IP.

MRBI Process Model:

 G.      The Centre for Health Innovations (CHI)

The Centre for Health Innovations (CHI) stands at the forefront of addressing critical healthcare challenges in our country, employing cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, to enhance human performance and well-being. By focusing on quality, CHI aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery. With a diverse portfolio spanning medical imaging, signal processing, and portable diagnostics, CHI is committed to developing innovative solutions that improve healthcare accessibility and outcomes.

At the heart of CHI’s mission lie several key objectives. Firstly, the center endeavors to pioneer novel approaches to prevent, diagnose, and monitor health issues, thereby ushering in a new era of proactive healthcare management. Moreover, CHI is dedicated to the development of affordable medical devices that empower patients and healthcare providers alike in managing and treating diseases effectively. Additionally, CHI recognizes the importance of equitable access to healthcare services and is actively involved in the creation of mobile applications tailored to the needs of marginalized patient groups, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity in healthcare delivery.

Furthermore, CHI’s commitment extends beyond urban centers to rural and remote areas, where access to healthcare remains a significant challenge. By harnessing cost-effective technologies and leveraging interdisciplinary teams, CHI aims to bridge the healthcare gap between urban and rural communities, ensuring that even the most underserved populations receive the care they deserve. Through collaboration with local hospitals, universities and research centers, we focus on solving real-world problems. CHI seeks to translate ground breaking research into tangible solutions that positively impact the lives of individuals and communities nationwide.

The Centre’s work spans across five key themes, each addressing critical aspects of healthcare and well-being. The themes are on Maternal/Child Health and Nutrition, Mental Health, Affordable Medical Devices, Health Data Intelligence, and Sports and Wellness.

H.      Manav Rachna New Gen IEDC

Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC is an organization geared towards speeding up the growth and success of startup and early stage companies. We at Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC, often provide a good path to capital from angel investors, state governments, economic-development coalitions and other investors.

Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC offers integrated, customized Innovation-Based Incubation support services for potential high investable entrepreneurs and enterprises. It scouts for innovative entrepreneurs, builds on ideation leading to develop a business concepts, provides skills and competencies trough capacity building/ training programs towards building effective enterprises.

For those entrepreneurs who have just launched out and are running into roadblocks, we offer integrated support services through our network of national and international service providers in the space of know-how and technology, business development and linkages with strategic partners/mentors. We also offer a unique combination of impact investor and venture capital support in accelerator facilitation. Regulatory, financial and administrative help form part of the services, and networking opportunities with potential investors, practitioners and collaborators are endless.

With the establishment of Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC, Undergraduate students, Post graduate students, doctoral students, alumni and faculties at Manav Rachna would be entertained to convert their business ideas into successful commercial or social ventures.

  1. Manav Rachna Centre for Medicinal Plant Pathology (MR-CMPP)

Manav Rachna Centre for Medicinal Plant Pathologypromotes, develops and provides innovative eco-friendly products, technologies and solutions to address the pathological problems and challenges in the area of Medicinal Plants through multidisciplinary high-quality research in safer, cost effective and sustainable manner. The mission of the centre involves an eco-friendly approach for sustainable farming of MPs understanding the farmer’s aspirations and providing technological solutions to them through sound and novel science, keeping in mind the environment, plant, soil and human health issues. The centre with the aim of “Vocal for Local”, encourages local businesses and products by finding solutions to emerging challenges due to rapid crop diversification, increased farming, increased germplasm movement and climate change which are bringing changes to Host-Pathogen dynamics leading to emergence and re-emergence of plant pathogens in Medicinal Plants. Manav Rachna Centre For Medicinal Plant Pathology works in the area of research, education, conservation, promotion and popularization of Medicinal Plants.

J.  Intel® Intelligent Systems Lab

The lab aims to accelerate the AI journey by fostering its various essential areas, and provides 360-degree exposure to various Intel Hardware and Software platforms that are used in Industry for AI and IoT development. Intel® Intelligent Systems Lab has been established in accordance with the collaboration between Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies and Intel® Corporation (Intel) to offer B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things. This course provides an opportunity for the students to learn the insights to the most important technologies driving the modern world namely Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. The curriculum of the course has been developed with support from the Intel team. Course delivery will be done using Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach. Intel® Intelligent Systems Lab provides the students an opportunity to work on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor-based Server, Intel® Parallel Studio XE, AI Deployment Tools, AI Software Libraries, and Intel® AI Framework Optimizations. Four Ds of the lab- Discovery of possibilities & next steps; Data setup, ingestion & cleaning; Develop models using analytics/AI; and Deploy into production & iterate will play a major role in accelerating the journey of students in AI & IoT with Intel® Corporation.

K. Manav Rachna Center for Molecular Biosciences Research Cluster (MR-MBRC)

The “MR-Molecular Biosciences Research Cluster (MR-MBRC)” was established in 2017, with the sole aim of promoting scientific research among scholars and students at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies. MR-MBRC has state-of-the-art facilities for advanced research and its members include highly motivated students. The laboratory is fully equipped with an Animal Cell Culture facility along with molecular biology and microbiology laboratories  spread over an area of approximately 1370 sq. ft.

Scientists at MBRC work in the field of genomics and healthcare data analysis, nutritional and environmental epigenetics, onco-virology, systems, and synthetic biology thus facilitating research and teaching in interdisciplinary areas related to biotechnology.

L. Mitsubishi Center of Excellence for Factory Automation & Semiconductors

Mitsubishi Electric: Mitsubishi Electric India has set-up an Advanced Factory Automation Lab and its Centre of Excellence. The centre has world class infrastructure with latest iQR set up including: Q series Programmable logic Controller (PLC), Servo, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Graphical Operational Terminal (GOT) 2000, X-Y Plotter, FX Kits,

Robot Simulator setup with six axis joint &240 degree in either direction which is First Robotics Lab set up by MEI in the north India and SCADA Software for monitoring and analysis. Regular training programmes/ courses are conducted in this Factory Automation Lab and Centre of Excellence.

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