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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Physical Facilities for Interdisciplinary Research Teams

Specific Physical Facilities established at MRIIRS for Interdisciplinary Research Teams:

The university has provided physical facilities to facilitate collaboration, innovation, and the integration of diverse expertise. These are:

  1. Laboratories: Good laboratory with flexible layouts, timings and core facilities are apt to accommodate interdisciplinary research at the university. These laboratories are across the campus catering to the needs of the researchers, for conducting experiments in fields such as biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and materials science. These Labs also introduce students to a dynamic, hands-on learning environment where they can engage with real-world problems and explore solutions through experimentation and collaboration. These labs serve as incubators of creativity, where students can apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts, and nurturing critical thinking skills and interdisciplinary research.

List of major Laboratories at MRIIRS is as provided below:

  1. Computing Facilities:
Lab  Title Purpose/About Lab Software Details
Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Cloud Computing This lab is established to  carry out fundamental and applied research into neural systems and deep learning mechanisms, aimed at creating artificial intelligence and  provides and facilitates the students to access virtual machines running on open source operating systems and applications and practical ability in cloud computing environment. The other  key characteristic of the this  lab is its high level of engagement with other disciplines. Open Source Software / Framework/Tools
& Engagement
(RICE) Lab
This LAB is established for  scientific research which is to produce reliable knowledge and work towards understanding and solving societal, technical, and environmental challenges. 1. Visual Studio
2. Rational Rose
3.TURBO  C, C++
High Performance
Computing lab
The High Performance Computing Lab is for both classroom instruction as well as a research use.  it is used in the instruction of high performance computing, scientific computing, computer graphics, and general Linux instruction. 1. TURBO C/ C++
2. Netbeans, Putty,
3. Linux Centos, 4.Vmware Player,
5. Andriod  , Blender GIMP
Data Analytics Lab This lab is aimed to learn advanced technologies of computer science such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Data Mining. The Lab facilitates database designing and management through dedicated tools such as Oracle, and MySQL and related computing paradigm and frameworks. Lab provides computing platform for Python, R, and OpenCV and other necessary for building unique set of ideas, fundamental of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning models and algorithms. 1.TURBO C/ C++
2.IBM Cognos
3. R Studio
4. Wireshark
Coding Lab The Coding Lab provides a state of the art computing environment for the students for programming assignments and practice.  The lab is installed with all important editors and languages like CodeBlock, Dev C++ which provides a dual operating system environment where the students can learn to execute C and C++ programs in all types of environments. 1.  TURBO C, C++
2. MySQL
3. Unity
Full Stack
Development lab
A Full-Stack Developer is a developer who works on both the front-end and back-end of a website or application. In this lab students learns to handle projects that involve databases, building user-facing websites. Students will be able to work on both sides and understand the workflow when building an application. 1.  TURBO C, C++
2. MySQL
Agile Software
Engineering Lab
In this lab, students learn the specific  type of development methodology that anticipates the need for flexibility and applies a level of pragmatism to the delivery of the finished product. 1.  TURBO C, C++
& Graphics Lab
The Visualization and Graphics Lab  serves as a facility for conducting research in the areas of scientific visualization, geometry processing, and computer graphics. 1.  TURBO C, C++


  1. Other Lab facilities at MRIIRS:


Department Odd Semester, Lab/Course Name Even Semester, Lab/Course Name
Aeronautical Engineering Elements of Aeronautical Engineering Aircraft Structure-1 * Materials Lab
Aeronautical Engineering Aircraft Propulsion Lab
Aeronautical Engineering Aerodynamic-II Lab Aerodynamic-I Lab
Aeronautical Engineering Project Lab Project phase-I, Project phase-II
Automobile Engineering Basics of Automobile Engineering Lab, Automobile Engineering Lab,
Auto Electrical and Electronics Lab Fuel and Lubricants Lab
Automobile Engineering Vehicle Maintenance Lab
Automobile Engineering Two Wheeler Technology Lab
BioTechnology Recombinant DNA Test Lab, Genetic Engineering Lab, Genetic Engineering & Immunology Lab Molecular Biology Lab
Cell & Molecular Biology Lab
BioTechnology Cell Biology Lab, Basics of Chemical Engineering lab
Cell and Tissue Culture Lab,
Biochemistry and Bioanalytical Techniques lab
Microbiology & Bioanalytical lab
BioTechnology Applied Bioinformatics Lab, Bioinformatics and Computer applications Lab,
Informatics and Computer Applications Lab Bioinformatics and Fermentation Technology
BioTechnology Cell and Tissue Culture Lab Advanced Plant BioTech Lab,
Cell and Tissue Culture Lab
BioTechnology Environment & Enzyme Biotechnology Lab Environment Biotechnology Lab,
Advanced Environment Biotechnology Lab
BioTechnology Microbiology & Bioanalytical Lab, Bioprocess Engineering lab,
Environment & Enzyme Biotechnology Lab
BioTechnology Molecular Biosciences Research Cluster Lab, Basic Central Instrumentation Lab Research lab
Civil Engineering Advanced Structural Engineering lab, Project-II Advanced Civil Engineering Materials lab, Dissertation Phase-II,
Model Testing Lab,
Mini Project Lab
Civil Engineering PPM, CADD Lab,
Project-II, Dissertation phase-II, Computation Lab
Coputer Aided Drafting Lab, Structural Design
Civil Engineering Soil Mechanics Lab, Project-II Advanced Civil Engineering Material Lab, Material Testing and Evaluation lab,
Concrete Technology, Mini Project ,
Constitution Materials Lab Dissertation Phase-II
Civil Engineering Engineering Geology Lab
Civil Engineering Transportation Engineering Lab-I, Project-II, Transportation Engineering Lab-II, Dissertation Phase-II,
Traffic Engineering Lab Mini Project
Civil Engineering Surveying-I Lab, Surveying-II Lab,
Project-II Dissertation Phase-II
Civil Engineering Structures Lab
Electronics and Communication Engineering Projects lab
Electronics and Communication Engineerin Workshop Practices Workshop Practices
Electronics and Communication Engineerin Analog Electronics Lab, Electronic Devices Lab,
Digital Electronics and Circuits Lab
Electronics and Communication Engineerin Communication Engineering lab, Advanced Communication Lab, Advanced Communication networks Lab, Microwave Devices and Circuits Lab, Antennas and Radiating Systems Lab
Wireless and Mobile Communication Lab
Electronics and Communication Engineerin Digital Signal Processing lab, Microcontroller and Interfacing Lab, VLSI Technology & Circuits Lab, Advanced VLSI Design Lab,
RTL Simulation and Synthesis with PLDs Lab Advanced Digital Signal Processing lab,
Intel Intelligent System Lab for HPC and AI
Electronics and Communication Engineerin Microcontroller and Programmable Logics, Digital Signal Processing lab Analog and Digital CMOS VLSI Design Lab, VLSI Design Verification and Testing Lab,
IOT Design Lab
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Factory Automation lab
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Infenion Centre of Excellence, Electrical Machines lab, Power Electronics Lab, Infenion Centre of Excellence, Electrical project Lab
Electrical Circuit Analysis Lab
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Basic Electrical Engineering lab, Electrical Machines-I, Basic Electrical Engineering lab, Electrical Machines-2,
Electrical Workshop Electrical Workshop
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Measurement and Instrumentation lab, Electrical Drives Lab,
Power System Protection Lab Control System Lab
Mechanical Engineering FM & T Lab
Mechanical Engineering FM Lab
Mechanical Engineering Metrology Lab
Mechanical Engineering EM Lab, SoM Lab
Mechanical Engineering CIM Lab
Mechanical Engineering Refrigeration and Airconditioning lab
Mechanical Engineering Thermal Engineering Lab
Mechanical Engineering Advanced CAD Lab
Mechanical Engineering CAD Lab
Mechanical Engineering Simulation lab
Mechanical Engineering Theory of Machines Lab KOM Lab
Mechanical Engineering Engineering Graphics and Design Engineering Graphics and Design
Mechanical Engineering Workshop Practics Workshop Practices
Applied Scienes and Humanities Physics Lab Physics Lab
Applied Scienes and Humanities Chemistry lab Chemistry Lab
Journalism and Mass communication TV Journalism, Electronic media Lab, Photo Journalism, Advertising Lab, Radio Journalism, Reporting and Editing,
Design and Graphics Lab, Newspaper & Magazine Journalism
University Media Studio/Center
Hotel Management Training Restaurant Training Restaurant
Hotel Management Front Office Lab
Hotel Management Studio Kitchen Lab-1, Studio Kitchen Lab-2
Studio Kitchen Lab-3
Physiotherapy Physiology-I Physiology-II
Physiotherapy Neurology Physiotherapy Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy OPD/ Evaluation Clinical Practices OPD/ Evaluation Clinical Practices
Physiotherapy R&D and High End Training and Consultancy R&D and High End Training and Consultancy
Nutrition and Dietetics Health, Food Hygines and Sanitation, Food Labeling, Food Microbiology, Enzymes in Food Processing
Food Handling & Packaging, Fermentation Technology,
Food Biotechnology
Nutrition and Dietetics Basics of food and Nutrition, Therapeutic Nutrition & Dietetics, Food Sciences, Institutional Food Services Management
Food Preservation and Bakery, Nutrition for Vulnerable & Special Groups, Food Science & Processing Technology Bakery and Confectionary Techniques, Advanced Food Science & Chemistry,
Food Processing Development and Marketing
Nutrition and Dietetics Fundamentals of Biochemistry, Basics of Food Instrumentation, Enzymes in food Processing, Instrumentation for Food Analysis
Nutritional Biochemistry
Nutrition and Dietetics Public Health Nutrition Lab Public Health Nutrition Lab
Faculty of Dental Studies (Orthodontics) Orthodontic Clinic UG and PG Orthodontic Clinic UG and PG
Faculty of Dental Studies (Endodontics) Typho Lab (Conservative) Typho Lab (Conservative)
Faculty of Dental Studies (Prosthodontics) Pre Clinical lab Pre Clinical lab
Faculty of Dental Studies (Prosthodontics) Cobalt Chromium Lab Cobalt Chromium Lab
Faculty of Dental Studies (Endodontics) Endodontics Lab Endodontics Lab
Faculty of Dental Studies (Endodontics) Biochemistry and Pharma lab Biochemistry and Pharma lab
Faculty of Dental Studies (Endodontics) Physiology Lab Physiology Lab
Faculty of Dental Studies (Periodontics) Oral Pathology Lab Oral Pathology Lab
Faculty of Dental Studies (Periodontics) Periodontics Clinic (UG and PG) Periodontics Clinic (UG and PG)
Faculty of Dental Studies (Periodontics) Microbiology and Pathology Lab Microbiology and Pathology Lab
Faculty of Dental Studies (Pedodontics) Pedodontics Clinic Pedodontics Clinic
Faculty of Dental Studies (Anatomy) Anatomy Clinic Anatomy Clinic
Faculty of Dental Studies (OMR) Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Clinic Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Clinic
Faculty of Dental Studies (Oral Surgery) Oral Surgery Clinic Oral Surgery Clinic



  1. Collaborative Workspaces: Spaces Equipped with whiteboards, projectors, and other tools to facilitate communication and teamwork have been provided by the university. These coworking areas and innovation hubs, provide interdisciplinary research teams with flexible and informal environments for brainstorming, idea generation, and collaboration.

  1. Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation Centre (MRIIC): As an integral part of student’s growth in research and development, MRIIRS is proudly carrying out student driven research programme at B. Tech level from past few years. Keeping in the same MRIIRS has established Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation centre (MRIIC) which remains thoroughly focused and dedicated towards yielding several path-breaking research and innovation activities. MRIIC is nurturing and overseeing innovation and entrepreneurship at Manav Rachna Campus. MRIIRS has been granted financial support of Rs. 2.87 Crores from DST-NESTEDB, Govt. of India for setting up of a Manav Rachna New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (MRNewGen-IEDC) in the campus to nurture student- entrepreneurial ventures. It’s physical working space is more than 5000 sq. feet area with latest amenities including internet, Wi-Fi, conference rooms, multimedia projector, pantry, and recreational area. Each startup incubated at campus, receives funding of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs for the developmental work alongwith recurring grant.  Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC: Entrepreneurship Hub at the university bring together researchers of all domains, students, industry partners, and startup companies to collaborate on interdisciplinary research projects and technology commercialization efforts. This hub provides shared lab spaces, prototyping facilities, and business incubation services to support interdisciplinary innovation and industry engagement. All are entertained to convert their business ideas into successful commercial or social ventures.

The centre takes pride in its 107 alumni student startups and the presence of 85 startups on campus till the year 2022-23. Furthermore, the centre has gained the support of the Government of India-funded NexGen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (NexGen IEDC), aimed at helping students commercialize their innovative ideas. Additionally, the centre benefits from an active and vibrant Entrepreneurship Development Cell run by students.

  • Intel® Intelligent Systems Lab: The lab aims to accelerate the AI journey by fostering its various essential areas, and provides 360-degree exposure to various Intel Hardware and Software platforms that are used in Industry for AI and IoT development. Intel® Intelligent Systems Lab has been established in accordance with the collaboration between Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies and Intel® Corporation (Intel) to offer B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things. This course provides an opportunity for the students to learn the insights to the most important technologies driving the modern world namely Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. The curriculum of the course has been developed with support from the Intel team. Course delivery will be done using Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach. Intel® Intelligent Systems Lab provides the students an opportunity to work on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor-based Server, Intel® Parallel Studio XE, AI Deployment Tools, AI Software Libraries, and Intel® AI Framework Optimizations. Four Ds of the lab- Discovery of possibilities & next steps; Data setup, ingestion & cleaning; Develop models using analytics/AI; and Deploy into production & iterate will play a major role in accelerating the journey of students in AI & IoT with Intel® Corporation.

·       Authorized Training Centre -Mitsubishi Electric India : Authorized Training Centre (ATC) boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with the latest automation products such as Programmable Logic controllers, Servo Plotters, Variable frequency drives, Robot and SCADA Software. The center not only caters to students from MRIIRS but also extends its training services to students from other universities and professionals from various industries. At this center, students from various disciplines engage in project work and transform their ideas into prototypes with the guidance and mentorship provided by Mitsubishi professionals.


d)             Research MoUs for Sharing Research Facilities: Research MoUs for sharing research facilities play a crucial role in promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, enhancing research capabilities, and advancing scientific knowledge across diverse disciplines. By fostering partnerships and facilitating access to shared infrastructure, these agreements contribute to the growth and success of interdisciplinary research endeavours. MRIIRS has signed several such MoUs which help our researchers to use high end facilities and work on collaborative interdisciplinary research problems using shared research facilities of: IOCL R&D centre, THSTI, RCB etc.

  1. Field Work and Data collection: In domain of environmental science, ecology, and geosciences, interdisciplinary research work undertaken needs facilities to collect data in natural environments. The researchers at university are provided access to field equipment, monitoring instruments, and field support staff/manpower/ investigators, for conducting fieldwork and long-term ecological, geographic studies and related case studies.

MRIIRS students and Faculty members have undergone several Projects such as Energy auditing, revival of the Badhkal Lake in Faridabad, Sewerage waste treatment under Smart citie etc.

Manav Rachna Center For Advance Water Technology & Management (MRCAWTM) is having five field research units, one each at Barmer, Ballabhgarh, Khol-Rewari, Palwal and Panchkula. The center, has been recognized for its research acumen at State Government level, as reflected in award of State Government Projects on National Flagship Programs namely Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) and Atal Bhujal Yojna. In Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM),the university participated as State Implementation Support Agency (SISA) for Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) with funding of Rs 47.53 lacs for the year 2021-22 and has been given extension for one more year i.e., 2022-23. In Atal Bhujal Yojna Atal Jal, MRIIRS is associated as District Implementation Partner (DIP) with Water Resource and Irrigation for Atal Bhujal Yojna Atal Jal having Faridabad and Palwal Districts as work domains with funding of Rs 7.73 Crores for a period of 4 years.

MRCAWTM in its short period of journey of 5yrs, has been able to achieve significant milestones in the form of projects obtained, executed, and completed.

Additionally, startups are incubated based on the case studies identified by faculty members and students, addressing specific problems.

Tricho Agronica Pvt. Ltd., the Start-Up has received a grant of Rs 172 lacs under Indian Oil Startup Scheme (IOSUS), a “Start-up India” initiative announced by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. It aims to promote, develop and provide eco friendly products and technologies in safer, cost effective and sustainable manner. Keeping these perspectives in view the company has designed its first bio formulation product ‘Bio elixir’ which is a remedy for bull’s eye pathogen at low cost.


Parimukh Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Team of engineers from various background and expertise took the problem of Air Pollution and other environmental problem to be tackled with engineering products. Team Parimukh is catering this, with their knowledge and experience from different sector they have already developed and offering PARIYAYANTRA Air filtration system and working on different technologies as well.



List of Start-ups incubated on campus since AY 2021-22

Incubation Centre Team Members Name of the Start-up Nature of the Start-ups Date of the Start-up
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Muskan Eat Me Food and Sciences 07-06-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Vanshika Mittal, Anshita Singla Soil Health Monitor Electrical

And Electronics

NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Pranab Pradhan, Mohit Sharma Gymmi IT 15-07-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Sudhanshu Jha, Joy Stallion Electronic 15-07-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Ayush, Divyanshi DNA Adda IT 15-07-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Sonakshi Mittal, Kechane Apon Poshan Twigs Food And Sciences 15-07-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Aman MyGarage Saas 29-09-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Muskan, Priyanka, Kavita Bacteriocin Biotechnology 29-09-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Vikas, Sarthak Innominate (Logicyard Pvt Ltd) IT 21-10-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Sumit yadav, Gautam Kumar EVX Electronic 21-10-2021
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Gautam Yadav Gen Stark Object Identifier Electronic 11-02-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Priya Kapur, Dogga Shyam Sai Prasad Ultra Fast EV Charger Electronic 16-03-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Pawan, Ashutosh Trufit Kitchen Electronic 14-04-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Adiya Chitrabhoomi Podcast and Comic 12-05-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Rahul Saini FMDV Biotechnology 08-06-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Babita Second life inning Saas 19-07-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Shivam Ratiram Limbs Life Electronic 19-07-2022
NewGen IEDC Manav Rachna Rakshit Finntrust Finance 12-08-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Shreyansh Ratan 2ND Life innings SAAS 19-07-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Udit Tiwari and Shubham Singh Shuttle Express Transportation 07-08-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Anshu Pradhan and Hardik Saini Soil health monitor IoT (Product based) 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Neeru Rani and Arushi Bhatia Ora Can SAAS and Hardware 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Prince Kumar ClothX SAAS 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Sasanka Kalita, Kunal Dagar, Nista Madan, Deepak, Priti Bhowmik Medplant SAAS Biotech 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Pragya Vats and Anjali Tyagi Detect Pathogen Biotech (Product based) 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Rahul Saini and Ashish Dhariwal FMDV Biotech (Product based) 14-10-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC T Sai Vakul Flexo Magnetic file Retrival System IoT (Product based) 28-12-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Rohit sharma, Rudra, Aryan Modular batteries IoT (Product based) 29-12-2022
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Kakudin and Anshi srivastava Pratihara Biotech (Product based) 04-01-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Gulshan Chhabra and Priya Singh Kuanos Biotech (Product based) 06-01-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Drishti, Payal kaushik, Varun Gupta Polymer for water purification Chemistry (Product based) 25-01-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Taah Siddiqui Spillmate AI SAAS 22-02-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Anuvrat and Rohith NETRA IoT (Product based) 16-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Charan, Adity, Shruti and Sai Verma Edukit Edutech 16-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Kartik and Tarun Pal Mittvani IoT (Product based) 16-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Himanshu and Roshan Pill box IoT (Product based) 16-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Tanvi Sidhwani and Swati Verma Alighntrack SAAS 16-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Ramya Shanta VisiodentX SAAS Medical 17-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Sumit Chaudhary Safety Harness System IoT (Product based) 22-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Palak and Parul Millet-based probiotic drink Food based product 22-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Kahitiz Kumar and Harshit Walecha Ark Surveillance System SAAS and IoT Product based 24-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Aayush, Diya, Jatin and Shivam Geodance SAAS 31-03-2023
Manav Rachna NewGen IEDC Paridhi Saini and Amit Dagar Petlytica Biotech (Product based) 17-05-2023

Additionally, through the Innovation Centre, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents in numerous international and national-level hackathons and project competitions, earning accolades for the university.

  1. Simulation and Modelling Lab: University has provided research teams with simulation and modelling laboratory equipped with, robotic arm and simulation equipment, high-performance computing resources and software tools for conducting computational studies and data analysis. This computational infrastructure necessary for tackling complex scientific problems in fields such as physics, biology, climate science, and engineering help researchers to undertake interdisciplinary research work.
  1. Research Centres: Universities has established dedicated research centres that brings together researchers from various scientific disciplines to work on common research themes or projects. These centres have shared laboratory spaces, meeting rooms, and collaborative work areas designed to foster interdisciplinary interactions.
S. No. Nomenclature Year of Establishment CoE                        Overall
1 Centre for Health Innovation (CHI) 2023 Dr Maneesha Singh Dr. Prashant Jha
2 Manav Rachna Centre for Advanced Water Technology & Management (MR-CAWTM) 2017  Dr Dipankar Saha Dr. N C Wadhwa, DG- MREI
3 Manav Rachna New Gen IEDC 2017 Dr Monica Goel Mr. Rajiv Kapoor
4 Manav Rachna Business Incubator (MRBI) 2013 Dr Monica Goel Mr. Rajiv Kapoor
5 Manav Rachna Centre for Food, Healthcare and Nutrition (MR-CHFN) 2022 Dr Lakhwinder Kaur Dr. M R Rizvi
6 Manav Rachna Centre for Medicinal Plant Pathology (MR-CMPP) 2022 Dr Nidhi Didwania Dr. P.K. Paul
7 The Springer Nature Academic Research Lab 2022 Dr Nandini Dr. Nandini Srivastava
8 Manav Rachna Centre for Dental Excellence (MR-CDE) 2021 Dr Pankaj Dhawan Dr. Puneet Batra
9 Manav Rachna Centre of Excellence for Solar PV Skills (MR-SPVS) 2021 Dr Umesh Dutta Dr. Umesh Dutta
10 Intel® Intelligent Systems Lab 2020 Dr Umesh Dutta Dr. Umesh Dutta
11 Manav Rachna Center for Molecular Biosciences Research Cluster (MR-MBRC) 2017 Dr Kapila Kumar Dr. P.K. Paul
12 Mitsubishi Centre of Excellence for Factory Automation & Semiconductors 2016 Dr Leena G Dr. Umesh Dutta

Details of centres can be accessed at:


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