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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Our Green Mission Policy

Environment Sustainability, Energy and Water Conservation Policy


The objective of this policy is to ensure that the university operates in a sustainable manner by managing its energy and water consumption with usage of  energy and water efficiently, wisely and responsibly.  This policy contributes to meeting the university’s commitments and goals with respect to energy and water-related issues. The university has ascertained a goal to reduce energy and water consumption by 5% annually. The policy supports the university’s commitment to environmental sustainability and calls upon for change in individual behaviors, actions, and campus processes.


The university is committed to modelling sustainability and placing in practice affective participation and stewardship of institutional resources with presence of excellent learning, teaching and research environment.

Scope of the policy

This policy applies to all faculty members, staff, students, researchers and other members of the campus community. All sources of water and energy are under the ambit of this policy.


Energy and water are vital components for university operations to support all work, study and research. All members of the University community will endeavor to adopt efficient usage of energy and water in all possible ways. This can be managed through awareness and adoption of efficient practices and procedures. The University community shall make informed choices to minimize the university’s environmental footprint and consequently act to improve the University’s environmental performance. The University will also embed sustainability into the curriculum to sensitize the students and to make them to act towards the goals.


Members of the University campus- faculty, staff, students, researchers and visitors, are responsible for identifying areas of inefficient energy and water use. The will also suggest measures to remedy inefficiencies and help to monitor their removal in association to efforts undertaken.

The Committee on Environmental Sustainability- is responsible for developing energy and water conservation awareness campaigns and assisting members of the University community to find potential solutions to address inefficiencies. It will also be responsible for approving Energy Management Plan, Water Management Plan, updation of policy, approving conservation procedures, engaging working groups to develop and implement solutions, and supporting working groups in allocating required resources. It will also be responsible for leading the institutionalization of sustainability in all areas of campus life.


  • Any process, procedure or equipment that does not use energy or water efficiently, should be identified and required solutions may be adopted for implementation of appropriate efficiency.
  • All equipment procurement decisions should include review of energy and water consumption specifications.  Attempts should be made to procure equipments of highest efficiency models.
  • Energy and Water audit should be undertaken annually by University authorities with analysis and compliance.
  • Best Practices may be adopted by one and all in the University campus.
  • The teaching and Researcher fraternity should continuously engage themselves to undertake Research & Development projects towards Environmental Sustainability.
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