Post-event Report for Industry Interaction session “Cultural Adaptations and Shift”

Event Details:

Sonalika International Tractors Ltd was invited by the CRC department for an Industry Interactive Session on the topic “Cultural Adaptations and Shift” for the Students of B Tech Mechanical & Auto and MBA of MRIIRS on 26th August 2022. Ms. Shailja from Sonalika International was the resource person. The session started with a brief introduction of the topic which involves adjustment to new environment and circumstances and shift is basically bringing broader change in values, norms and practices. The speaker covered in the changes that can be influenced by various factors like globalization, technological advancements, migration, language, and communication and its adaptation at workplace. The various aspects were then picked for one-to-one explanation. At the end of the session the queries of students were addressed. The 20 students from MRIIRS attended the session.