Post-event Report on “Building Bridges: Industry Interaction Seminar in Online Mode”.

The “Building Bridges: Industry Interaction Seminar” was an enlightening event organised by PPL works for the students of Manav Rachna that effectively bridged the gap between academic learning and real-world industry experiences. Attendees had the privilege of gaining invaluable insights from seasoned professionals, fostering a deeper understanding of current industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. The seminar’s interactive panel discussions and networking sessions allowed for meaningful connections to be forged between students and industry experts, providing a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences. Participants left the seminar with not only enhanced industry knowledge but also a newfound enthusiasm and motivation to pursue careers aligned with their passions and aspirations. Overall, “Building Bridges” served as a dynamic platform for learning and professional growth, emphasizing the importance of industry interaction in shaping successful career paths.