Post-event Report on “Career Confidence: Online Counselling for Empowerment by Tekion India Pvt Ltd”

On 19th September 2022, CRC organised an Industry Expert Talk on “Career Confidence: Counselling for Empowerment” by Mr. Ganesh, Tekion India Pvt Ltd. for students of B.Tech CSE, MRIIRS who are seeking to boost their professional self-assurance and trajectory.

 Through personalized counselling sessions, participants were equipped with the tools to assess their strengths, set meaningful career goals, and overcome obstacles.

The Speaker provided guidance on strategies for effective communication, self-presentation, and navigating career challenges, instilling a heightened sense of confidence. 91 Attendees left with a newfound self-assuredness and a clear roadmap for advancing their careers, emphasizing the pivotal role that confidence plays in achieving professional success and fulfilment.