“Career Opportunities in the Field of Physiotherapy”

Department of Physiotherapy organised a acreer counselling session on Career Opportunities in the Field of Physiotherapy for students of Bachelors and Masters in physiotherapy on 21st August 2023. A total of 141 students have attended the talk. Dr. Pooja Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, SAHS address and briefed about the speaker. It was attended by Dr Nitesh Malhotra, HOD Department of Physiotherapy, FAHS and all faculty available at time to work in collaboration with students.

Talk was delivered by Dr. Bhavan Mangala, a distinguished physiotherapist and director of the prestigious Ayaksham Physiotherapy Clinic. Dr. Mangala is renowned for her expertise in manual therapy and dry needling. As an accomplished alumna of the Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, her insights carried weight and significance for the attending audience. During the one-hour session, Dr. Bhavan Mangala shed light on the diverse career avenues within the realm of physiotherapy.