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Research Thesis MPT 2011-2013

S.No.Roll No.Name of StudentTopicGuide Co-Guide
111/FAS/MPT/001BHAWNA GOSWAMIEffect of Inhibitive distraction technique on cervicogenic headcache and neck disability index in IT computer workersDr. Shalini GroverDr. Shobhit  Saxena
211/FAS/MPT/003LEENA KUKREJAEffect of Tibio Femoral Traction and Proprioceptive exercises on pain, passive knee flexion impairement and proprioception in OA KneeDr. Shalini GroverDr. Shobhit  Saxena
311/FAS/MPT/004MEGHA OMPRAKASH ARORAEffect of Thoracic Spine Thrust manipulation in improving Kyphotic angle, neck pain and disability in patients with mechanical neck pain.Dr. Shalini GroverDr. Shobhit  Saxena
411/FAS/MPT/005POOJA SHARMAEffectiveness of Hip abductors and external rotators strengthening versus general quadriceps strengthening exercises on pain, ROM, knee functional score in females with patellofemoral pain syndromeDr. Shobhit  SaxenaDr. Shalini Grover
511/FAS/MPT/006RICHA BHATIAEffect of Pilates Training in improving pain, muscle endurance and functional disability and in patients with lumbar segmental instabilityDr. Shalini GroverDr. Shobhit  Saxena
611/FAS/MPT/007ROHINI SHARMAEffect of age on H/Q ratio at different angular velocities in state level middle distance male runnersDr. Shobhit  SaxenaDr. Shalini Grover
711/FAS/MPT/008SHIVANI PATIALTest- Retest Reliability of star excursion balance test in Patellofemoral Pain SyndromeDr. UnaiseDr. Shalini Grover
811/FAS/MPT/009VANDANA VASISHTTest-retest reliability of the physical examination measures of scapular positioning in female primary school teachers with shoulder pain.Dr. Shobhit  SaxenaDr. Shalini Grover
911/FAS/MPT/010ANCHAL SANDILLYAFine motor skills in patients with Parkinson’s disease: effect of auditory cueingDr. Deepti SharmaDr. Praveen Gupta
1011/FAS/MPT/011DIVYA GUPTAComparison of added and embedded mental practice along with modified CIMT on functional outcome of upper extremity in sub acute stroke patientsDr. Deepti SharmaDr. Jitender Munjal
1111/FAS/MPT/012NEHA CHHABRAEffect of visual acuity correction on fine motor skills in kindergarteners with gender variationDr. Monica ChaudharyDr. Deepti Sharma
1211/FAS/MPT/013NEHA NARULACorrelation of cervical joint position sense with balance in middle aged cervical spondylosis patientsDr. Deepti SharmaDr. Deepti Parashar
1311/FAS/MPT/014PRATEEK GAUREffect of strength training on grip strength, pinch strength and hand function in Type II Diabetes Mellitus patientsDr. Deepti ParasharDr. Deepti Sharma
1411/FAS/MPT/015REKHA DALALCorrelation between executive functions and physical performance in young adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorderDr. Monica Chaudhary  Dr. Deepti Parashar
1511/FAS/MPT/016SAKSHIComparative effectiveness of computer based instructions and hand out with illustrations for teaching exercises: skill retention in elderly populationDr. Deepti ParasharDr. Deepti Sharma
1611/FAS/MPT/017SHIPRA SETHIEffect of embedded and added mental imagery on balance in elderlyDr. Deepti ParasharDr. Deepti Sharma
1711/FAS/MPT/018HARISH CHANDRA JOSHIEffect of SAQ and Plyometrics on vertical jump height and standing height in basket ball playersDr. Shishir NigamDr. Gagan Kapoor
1811/FAS/MPT/019MANISH KONWAR CHETRIThe effect of static and dynamic stretching on golf drag performance in recreational golfersDr. Pooja AnandDr. Shishir Nigam
1911/FAS/MPT/021PRADEEP YADAVAnthropometric and physical fitness values of different age group in  Indian Soccer refree: A comparison studyDr. Gagan KapoorDr. Shishir Nigam
2011/FAS/MPT/022SANDEEP GULAIYADifferences in dynamic balance scores in single sport versus multiple sport high school athletesDr. Pooja AnandDr. Gagan Kapoor
2111/FAS/MPT/023YOGESH CHOPRARelation of dynamic balance with vertical jump height and explosive strength in university level athletes with chronic ankle instabilityDr. Shishir NigamDr. Pooja Anand
2211/FAS/MPT/025SULEKHAEffects of short term exercise training with non invasive ventilation on exercise capacity and quality of life in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patientsDr. Pinki BhasinDr. Vandana Dua


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