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Research Publications of Faculty Members in National Journals

Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies
Research Publications of Faculty Members in National Journals
(Duration: From 2014 till date)
S. No.Title of PaperName of All Author(s) as per publication (Sequence First Name, Middle Name and Last Name)Name of JournalVolume/Issue, Page Number(s) and Year of publication                (In sequence only)
1Improvement in machine translation from english to punjabi by identifying morpheme boundariesSimran Kaur, Dr. Rashmi AgrawalInternational Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative ResearchVol.5, Issue 8, page no.565-570,
2A Critical Study of Indian Higher Education System : Challenges and MeasuresMeenaakshi N. MunjalInternational Journal of Research in Economics and Social SciencesVol. 8, Issue 11, PP 13-17, November 2018
3A Deep Study of Content Based Image Retrieval System using Sentiment AnalysisMeenaaskshi N MunjalInternational Journal of Engineering Science and Mathematics (IJESM)Vol-7, Issue-2, 477-481, 2018
4Efficient way of using Content Based Image Retrieval System in Remote Clinical DiagnosticsMeenaaskshi N MunjalVIRTUE JournalVol-5, Issue-2, 114-127
5Issues in security and privacy of Big dataDr. Shaveta BhatiaInternational Journals of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software EngineeringVolume 7,issue 12,pp 1-4
A study of frequent itemset mining techniques
Sachin Sharma, Dr Shaveta Bhatia International Journal of Engg and Technology Vol 6, No 4, Page141-144
7Societal Perspective towards Women Entrepreneurs: An Eagle Eye’s view Dr. Sonal Pathak
Ms. Meenaakshi N Munjal
International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Sciences (IJRESS)Vol-7, Issue-10, 573-581, 2017
8Designing Issues for E-Learning Services
 on Cloud Environment
Sonia Duggal and Anupriya JainInternational Journal on Emerging Technologies (Special Issue NCETST-2017)(Special Issue NCETST-2017) 8(1): 5-10(2017)
9Analysis of Demographic Differences and Stresses among BPO EmployeesSonal PathakGlobal Journal for research analysisVol. 6,  no. 6, pg no. 359- 361
10Stress Analysis Among BPO EmployeesSonal PathakInternational Journal of Research, Vol. 4, no. 6,      pp. 65-70
11Information Security in Cloud Computing: A systematic Literature Review and AnalysisS. S. TyagiInternational Journal of Scientific Engineering and TechnologyVolume No.
6, Issue No.
1, pp: 50-55
12ICT based decision support systems for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in India: A ReviewDr. Neha Gupta, Niranjan SinghAgricultural ReviewsVol 37, Issue 4,  PP- 309-316, 2016
13Various Security Issues and their Remedies in Cloud ComputingMs. Mridula Dhingra, Dr. Neha GuptaInternational Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and ScienceVolume 2 issue 2 Page No.18-20 ,year 2016
14Differentials in Stressors and Stress Responses among Males and Female’s employees in BPO,s in India – a Rational ReviewSonal Pathak,Dr.Anil SarinInternational Journal of Research       Vo 2, Issue 4, pp. 700-717
15Gender Differences in Stress Outcomes: A Contemporary Issue for the BPO, s in NCR, IndiaSonal Pathak,Dr.Anil SarinInternational Journal of Management, IT and Engineering   Vol 5, Issue 7, pp. No. 85 – 100
16Cloud Computing in Higher Education : Opportunities, Challenges and Counter MeasuresMeenaakshi N. MunjalInternational Journal of Advance Research in Scienece and EngineeringVol 4, Issue 1,pp. 659-668
17An Effective use of Cloud Computing in Higher EducationMeenaakshi N. MunjalCyber Times International Journal of Technology and ManagementVol 8, Issue 1, pp. 12-14
18An overview on evocations of Data Quality at ETL StageSakshi Miglani,Dr.Neha GuptaInternational Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering & ScienceVol. 3, Issue 1, pp.1429-1436
19K-Nearest Neighbor for Uncertain DataRashmi AgrawalInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsVol 105 No 11, pp. 13-16
20Ethical Hacking : An Impact on SocietyMeenaakshi N. MunjalCyber Times International Journal of Technology and ManagementVol 7 Issue 1, pp. 922-931
21Data EncryptionChitra JalotaInternational Research Journal of Computer Science Engineering and ApplicationsVol 3, Issue 3, pp 574-580
22Bluetooth TechnologyChitra JalotaInternational Journal of Computer Science and Management ResearchVol 3, Issue 2, pp. 3858-3864
23Cloud Storage in EducationMeenaakshi N. MunjalInternational Journal of Computer Science and Management ResearchVol. 3, Issue 2, pp. 3818-3823


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